The top 3 paint trends

Your wall paint colour can influence your mood, making you feel dull and drained, whilst colorful walls bring tranquility and a happy mood. Make your world colourful with trendy colour paints from Hyper Paint.

Choose any bright colours and make painting fun with your siblings, kids and even friends which can be a great way to spend time together and catch up, whilst saving money on hiring a painter. To even make it extremely easy for you, there are plenty of DIY paint designs you can choose from to get the perfect decoration and put your visualized colours together.

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Time To Paint Your Kitchen

Most of our mornings, afternoons and evenings are spent in the kitchen, preparing meals for ourselves and loved ones; painting your kitchen is a great and inexpensive way of creating a warm and homely space in which you can break bread with your friends and family. It’s a new year and you feel that it is time to update the look and feel of your kitchen; however, the only problem is that renovating your kitchen can be quite an expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient endeavour. So, what do you do when you don’t have the time, money and energy required to overhaul the old to bring in the new? Perhaps you should consider painting your kitchen.

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Paint for Your Swimming Pool

It is that time of the year when all the pretty dresses and shorts come out; it’s summer time! 2015 has turned out to be one of the hottest years we have experienced. If you are considering getting a swimming pool, or you already have a pool that needs to be salvaged, an important thing to consider is the paint; Hyper Paint has exactly what you need to make sure that your swimming pool is ready for summer splashing.

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Finding the Right Paint for Your New Home

Congratulations on your new home!

Buying a new home is an exciting endeavour and a great accomplishment. As exciting as it may be, it can also be daunting considering the amount of work that you will have to put in to transform your new house into a home that best reflects your personality; a home that you will look forward to coming back to after a stressful day. The type and colour of the paint you choose for your home play an important role in creating a relaxing and welcoming ambience.

Hyper Paint is the leading supplier of paint in South Africa. We offer a range of products and are the leading stockists of Dulux Paint; we stock over 70 Dulux products which can be purchased via our online store. Dulux is South Africa’s most loved brand, offering a wide range of paint from which you can choose the perfect paint for your home.

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Painting for Your Kids

Painting your children’s rooms can be a fun and exciting project for both you and the kids, and it is a great way to spend quality time with them. You obviously want to create an ambience that will make your children look forward to spending time in their rooms but you also want to make sure that the paint is safe to use in your precious one’s room.

Latex and oil-based enamel paints are ideal for home interior. Painting with kids can be fun and quite messy; lucky for you latex paint is water-based, so it is easy to clean up using water. Oil-based enamel paint, on the other hand, needs to be cleaned up using thinners; of the two paint types, latex is your best option as it is easier to clean-up and has a quicker drying time. Another thing to consider is the finish that you should use for your child’s room; a matt finish is ideal because it is stain resistant thus it will be easy to get those crayon drawings off the walls. Whatever it is that you need, Hyper Paint has it all!

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South Africa’s Leading Dulux Paint Supplier

For the fourth consecutive year Dulux has been voted as South Africa’s most loved paint brand. Its name is synonymous with premium quality and exceptional colour variety.  Dulux is at the forefront of paint technology, ensuring that surface coatings are decorative and protective. Hyper Paint is proud to offer an extensive selection of Dulux paint products at affordable prices and is the leading stockist of Dulux paint in Southern Africa.

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