Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021 London Palette

Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021 London Palette

Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021 London Palette

With the gold and burgundy Autumn leaves clattering, and the icy serenade of winter pulling in around us – We get up in the morning and we know, the colder seasons are here.

If we isolate the constant shivers and goosebumps and just take a moment to look around, the inspiration is clear in the landscapes.

Optimise the beauty around and bring it into your home by taking a cue from the Autumn/Winter 2021 London Palette – as highlighted below.

Enjoy and colour your world

Writes Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute;

“A colour range of heartening hues reflective of the natural environment in our local surroundings inspires our creative energies and awaken the desire for a replenished perspective on the application of colour, one where whimsy and charm combine with pragmatism and our ideas of heritage re-envisioned and our connection to nature are reinforced.”

* Colours courtesy of Pantone Color Institute*

Below is our guide to the colour trends of Autumn/Winter 2021 London Colour Palette

Green Bee 

A grassy green that perpetuates nature.”

Moorland Magic 1

Dulux Range

Tomato Cream

“Tomato Cream is a buttery brown that warms the heart.”

Harvest Fruits 1

Dulux Range

Ilbiza Blue

“A stirring island blue hue that rouses our interest.”

Sapphire Springs 3

Dulux Range


“Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.”

Lemon Chiffon 2

Dulux Range


“Robust Winery implies poise and finesse.”

Ruby Fountain 3

Dulux Range

First Blush

“A delicate and tender pink.”

Party Surprise 3

Dulux Range

Downtown Brown

“A metropolitan brown with a bit of swagger.”

Hot Paprika 1

Dulux Range


“An uplifting orange infused yellow with perennial appeal.”

Buttercup Fool 1

Dulux Range

Clear Sky

“Redolent of the cool blue of a cloudless day.”

Velvet Touch 4

Dulux Range

Red Alert

“Red Alert, an impactful red with a suggestive presence.”

Signal Red

Dulux High Gloss Enamel

* All Colours, as well as descriptions, courtesy of Pantone Color Institute*


As Leatrice Eiseman poetically described, it is time to be inspired by the array of colours around us.

What ever colour you want, consist every time, through Hyper Paint.