Xmas in July

Xmas in July – give yourself a new kitchen/master bedroom – or whatever.

Can we get a “Hello Lockdown Level 4… again”? Tonight, we should find out whether we remain in level 4, but the prospects stay the same – we are looking at spending more time at home for some time to come – might as well make sure the few walls we do stare at, we thoroughly enjoy.

Luckily, South Africa is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet when it comes to home space inspiration, with our diverse landscapes and vast cultural backgrounds that spill into our design work. Of course, to “keep up with the times”, we do incorporate European trends (even if we happen to be a year or two behind).

Interior design trends – the starting point.

1. Colour

Gone are the days of clinical white walls – we are now embracing all that the colour wheel has to offer. The use of bright colours for accent walls or a splash of colour in the form of cushions or ornaments is the way to go. Colour blocking is the latest trend in which we pair colours that are opposite on the colour wheel to create a bolder, more expressive look in a space. So, do not be shy – grab the bright reds, yellows and blues and make a masterpiece that speaks for you.

Xmas in July

2. Natural Materials

Trending currently is the industrial look. It is clean, modern and unblemished. What we can expect coming up this year, and possibly the next, is to see more iron, glass and wood in homes. A ‘natural’ space makes use of bold lines and monochrome colours – blue, grey, white. If you are looking to hop onto this trend, make sure to design your space around striking pieces of art, whether it be the light fixtures or eccentrically designed furniture.

Xmas in July

3. Biophilic Designs.

It is time to bring outside, inside. With being indoors something we all do more, we need to say goodbye to plastic pot plants and embrace mother nature. For you to fully submerge into the wild, you will need to consider a few things; positioning of windows, type of plants and their requirements and the type of pot used (you do not want leakage).  This design will build on the theme of sustainability throughout your home and induce an atmosphere of relaxation.

Xmas in July

4. Multi-purpose spaces.

Between this year and the last, home offices have become somewhat a necessity – in return, so have multi-purpose spaces. It is time to relook that space underneath the stairs or consider putting office chairs around your dining room table. Our suggestion is to try keep the bedroom as a ‘one purpose’ room to ensure this space remains as your haven.

Xmas in July

5. Out with the old, in with the new-old.

So, you have decided at this point of reading this blog that you deserve some renovation as your Xmas in July gift but now you are left wondering – do I really have the money to run out and buy all new furniture? The simple answer is no. Although the refurbishment of furniture is not a new trend, it seems to have risen in popularity over the past two years since we are spending a lot more time at home – basically, we are bored. Refurbishing your furniture not only helps in passing time but it also allows us to modernise our home, another trend on the rise. One can easily take a vintage piece and turn it into contemporary dream. Strip the furniture down, sand it thoroughly and re-upholster/paint/varnish to create your new desired look all in your budget.

Xmas in July

All you need for your Xmas in July renovations can be found here at Hyper Paint. Spoil yourself because you deserve it.