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Easy like a Sunday Morning DIY TIPS.

With the current weather forecasts, DIY tips will make an easy read.

It feels like day 16783 of 2021, but we can finally say we made it to February. Of course, the weather continues to make for an ominous theme as we sashay into the month of “love”.

Despite the grey hues of the past two weeks, as typical South Africans do, we persevered and kept our spirits high as we showed determination to make 2021, the ‘re-do’ of 2020.

With the weather as such, it is a perfect time to stay indoors and start up a new DIY project or continue with the old one that has been looming over our heads.

Here are some DIY tips to keep your world colourful and your spirits high.

 Working from home seems to be of the booming times, given our current prospects for the year and although lying in bed with your laptop may sound enticing, a proper work office space is more functional.

Do not think you have the space? With some creativity, elbow crease and these tips, you’re sorted.

Start by re-looking your current living spaces.


The Office Corner

 If your living room can accommodate the reshuffle, then one solution is creating an ”office corner”.

  • Find a space that you can clear out near a window for a scenic view.
  • Pick light colours to paint your wall and light-coloured furniture as the lack of dark colours will ensure an open, aired out space.
  • Create a ‘clean’ look by adding minimal detailing to your new office space to avoid over-cramping.
  • Studies have shown how a plant nearby can lift spirits, promote well-being and performance, so add some pot plants nearby.
Home Study


The Work Station 

Think you could stand more? Why not build a workstation that is more “stand-friendly”.

  • Use inexpensive shelves, preferably ‘floating shelves’, and paint them white. White allows for an elusive of a bigger space.
  • Paint the back of your wall a colour of your desire to evoke contrast. (Allow this to be your accent wall so the rest of the room can remain neutral)
  • Organize your shelf in an artistic, but accessible way.
  • Remove all chairs.

Not only will this office space look ascetically pleasing but it is better for your health to stand more.

Office Wall


The Closet Office

Do you have that one closet that is just filled with “if not’s”, “why not’s” and “what is this even?”. Then it is time to do a bit of spring cleaning and throw it all away.

  • Paint your closet white or any neutral colour (As space is limited, do not use dark colours as this will make the room feel smaller).
  • Add a splash of colour in the room by using bright coloured scatter cushions, or small accents.
  • Remove unnecessary furniture and shelving.
  • Avoid using bulky furniture.
  • Place furniture as strategically as possible to optimize space.

P.S. It has been found that by putting a bit of yellow in a room, one can solicit feelings of happiness, optimism and inspiration. Definitely worth a try! 

Home Office

Here is to taking the situation we have been given and making the most of it.

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