The top 3 paint trends

The top 3 paint trends

Your wall paint colour can influence your mood, making you feel dull and drained, whilst colorful walls bring tranquility and a happy mood. Make your world colourful with trendy colour paints from Hyper Paint.

Choose any bright colours and make painting fun with your siblings, kids and even friends which can be a great way to spend time together and catch up, whilst saving money on hiring a painter. To even make it extremely easy for you, there are plenty of DIY paint designs you can choose from to get the perfect decoration and put your visualized colours together.

5 cheap easy tips to make wall painting easy:

  • Use a roller tray instead of roller bucket, this allows you to control how much paint you want on your roller and reduces paint drippings.
  • Buy good quality brushes, this helps with the amount of paint it absorbs and will save you from making a lot of mess.
  • Use a plastic/ solletape to protect areas you don’t want paint to touch, and also paint wearing old clothes.
  • Use a broomstick if you don’t have a stepladder or an extension pole to reach high areas.
  • If you don’t have a paint sterilizer and you have to continue painting the following day, you can wrap your brushes overnight with plastic.

Hyper paint offers you access to a variety of paints to choose from, such as trendy colours of your choice or  colours that make a statement. Introverts are likely to use dusty blue and earthy colours; extroverts  would use more of bright popping colours such as light green, pink and yellow, depending on the room atmosphere they want to set.

Top 3 painting trends:

  • Create a pattern of your choice, place it on the wall and paint on the sides to create a design of your choice.
  • Randomly tape the wall and paint with variety of colours to get abstract shapes that have different colours.
  • Paint the wall and once it dries soak a clean fabric in a paint colour of your choice and dab lightly on the wall.

Start with your DIY wall painting by contacting Hyper Paint for more details.