Five Tools That You Need For Your Painting Job

Five Tools That You Need For Your Painting Job

DIY projects are a fun way to unwind and get your creative juices rolling. The best DIY project any homeowner could ever start is painting their own house. Painting your own home is great because it allows you to create a space that will best reflect your personality; you can be as creative as you wish.  There are absolutely no limits; you can incorporate different colour schemes and patterns into the design of your home.

There is more to painting your home than a paint brush a colourful; you need other tools that will make the process manageable and successful. Without tools such as a paint tray and a ladder, your project may not turn out they way you would like it to.

Let’s take a look at what tools are need to complete your DIY painting project.


Five essential tools for painting your home

1. Paint tray
The paint tray makes it easy for you to dip your paint brush or roller into the paint. All you need to do is pour out your paint onto the tray, so there is no need to keep dipping your paint brush into the paint can; this wouldn’t be ideal because you may not get enough paint. Paint trays have been designed to accommodate paint brushes and rollers of varying sizes.


2. Drop cloths
In order for you to have a stress-free painting experience, you need to make sure that you don’t get any paint on your furniture. Use drop cloths to cover you furniture so that it can be protected from the paint. This is very important because paint is difficult to remove and it can damage your furniture.

3. Ladder
A ladder will help you paint those hard-to-reach places. Instead of jumping up and down, trying to reach a spot on your wall, get a step ladder; your life will be much simpler.

4. Protective gear

Paint fumes can be quite toxic; if you inhale them you will most likely get dizzy. When buying your painting tools, don’t forget to get a mask to cover your nose and mouth; this will ensure that you don’t inhale any fumes. Also get gloves to keep you from getting paint all over your hands.

5. Paint brushes and rollers

This goes without saying: you need paint brushes and rollers to actually get the job done. Hyper Paint offers a wide range of paint brushes and rollers, which come in different sizes. Click here to view our brush ware.


Without the proper tools, your DIY painting project will not go as planned. Be sure to get the correct tools such as a ladder, paint tray and drop cloths.

Now that you know what tools you need to get started with painting your walls, go to your nearest Hyper Paint store. We stock a wide range of painting accessories.

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