What You Need to Know before Your Next Paint Job

What You Need to Know before Your Next Paint Job

Hyper Paint understands that preparing for your next paint job can be a complicated task. Where do you start? Which is the ideal paint for your home and personality? These questions will be answered by the set of tips we are about to give you.

 3 Tips For A Stress-Free Paint Job

1.Consider the future

Most people tend to remove their furniture before figuring out the most appropriate colour scheme and finish.  It makes perfect sense, right? However, taking your furniture into consideration will point you in the right direction; the type, fabric and colour of your furniture pieces will help you decide on the perfect colour scheme for the room you are painting.

2.Make use of apps
Thanks to the rapidly growing digital industry, it has now become easier to manage and select a paint colour on your smartphone. There are a number of home renovation applications you can use.

Below are a few examples:

3.Paint calculator

Trying to estimate how much paint is needed for your paint job can be an expensive exercise. The Dulux paint calculator will provide you with the approximate amount of paint needed for the job.

The paint calculator measures the total height and width while tallying the number of doors and windows of the room. It is important to remember that the results of the calculation are for one coat of paint.


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