Painting for Your Kids

Painting for Your Kids

Painting your children’s rooms can be a fun and exciting project for both you and the kids, and it is a great way to spend quality time with them. You obviously want to create an ambience that will make your children look forward to spending time in their rooms but you also want to make sure that the paint is safe to use in your precious one’s room.

Latex and oil-based enamel paints are ideal for home interior. Painting with kids can be fun and quite messy; lucky for you latex paint is water-based, so it is easy to clean up using water. Oil-based enamel paint, on the other hand, needs to be cleaned up using thinners; of the two paint types, latex is your best option as it is easier to clean-up and has a quicker drying time. Another thing to consider is the finish that you should use for your child’s room; a matt finish is ideal because it is stain resistant thus it will be easy to get those crayon drawings off the walls. Whatever it is that you need, Hyper Paint has it all!

The two products below are examples of the best type of paint to use in your children’s rooms. We are the leading stockists of Dulux products in Southern Africa so you are guaranteed to find quality paint.

Dulux Acrylic PVA

Dulux Acrylic PVAThis paint lasts for a long time and has low odour so your children will not be bothered by strong paint smells. It has a matt finish and a drying time of one hour. It is available in colours that are suitable for boys and girls.

 Dulux Dura 70

Trade_70_midsheen_2This washable, mid-sheen paint is perfect for the walls of your little one’s room; it is durable and washable. Dirty fingers and hands are powerless to the power of the Dulux Dura 70!  This paint has a quick drying time and low odour, perfect to use with your kids.

Hyper Paint offers high quality paint that will help to create the perfect atmosphere for your little ones and transform ordinary bedrooms into spaceships and distant magical lands! We are here to answer all your paint related questions. Contact us today and let’s start the journey to creating a wonderland for your children!