Paint that Rocks! Why You Should Choose Rock Grip Soft Velvet

rockgripLooking for a finishing paint which will give both your interior and exterior walls that lovely sheen? There are many great paints out there, most of which you’ll find in the Dulux product range, but there is one paint which has received such raving reviews that we cannot resist singing its praises.

It’s the Dulux Rock Grip Soft Velvet sheen finishing paint, a paint which is so multi-faceted it’s hard to know where to begin. If you are planning on painting either your interior or exterior wall and ceilings and you’re after a superior sheen finish then consider the Rock Grip Soft Velvet from Dulux.

Choosing the paint is always the hardest part, but even once you’ve made your decision you still have to apply the paint. If you’ve chosen Dulux Rock Grip Soft Velvet for either your walls or ceilings then here are a couple of tips and tricks which you can use to ensure you get the most out of your Rock Grip finishing paint.

Where to use Rock Grip?

rckgrpRock Grip is best suited to both interior and exterior walls and ceilings where you would like to apply a nice sheen finish. It is also highly effective when applied to concrete, brickwork, fibre cement and cement plaster. You can even use Rock Grip on wood and metal, but you must ensure that the surfaces are properly primed beforehand.

Why use Rock Grip?

Rock Grip Soft Velvet from Dulux is the ideal finishing paint for areas which may get dirty on a regular basis. The great thing about Rock Grip is that it hardly picks up dirt. In addition to this, Rock Grip is economical, hard wearing and washable. This paint is also easy to apply and quick drying. So much so that you can apply two coats and finish painting the wall or ceiling in one day.

What to watch out for when applying Rock Grip?

Before applying Rock Grip you need to ensure that the surface that you are painting is clean and free of dust and dirt particles. The surface should also be dry, no more than 12% moisture should be on the walls. It is inadvisable to apply Rock Grip in cold weather; anything below 10°C is too cold.

Rock Grip Soft Velvet can provide the softest sheen finish to even the roughest surfaces. Take care of your home or business by choosing the right finishing paint for concrete surfaces and brickwork.

Put your trust in Rock Grip Soft Velvet and you’ll see that choosing Dulux will be one of the best decorating decisions you’ve ever made.