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R1,210.00 incl. VAT

  • The Kwikot Multi Valve body is manufactured from high grade forged
    DZR Brass with stainless steel relief seat.
  • The fully serviceable cartridge with stainless steel strainer and spindle
    makes this valve suitable for domestic plumbing applications with a long
    service lifespan.
  • The body incorporates an isolating valve with a non-corrosive Teflon ball,
    allowing the water supply to be shut off at the valve.
  • The compact design with integral expansion relief valve lends itself to
    ease of installation, with 15mm and 22mm copper-to-copper
    connections and 20mm male iron connections.
  • The expansion relief valve has a rotating flushing mechanism, which can
    be rotated through 3600 and flushes dirt and sediment from the valve.

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